Decks can require quite a bit of maintenance in order to remain in great condition. They may still function, but will not necessarily look their best, if you do not stain them regularly, and replace splintered or broken boards, for example.

The good news is, we can make the necessary repairs to your deck, and make it look fresh and new again. We can do any or all of the following:

  • Inspect your deck and determine what repairs are needed.
  • Rebuild the frame of your deck if it has been compromised.
  • Measure and replace boards on the deck.
  • Restructure the deck, or renovate it to allow better functioning.
  • Apply waterproof membrane and flashings to protect the wood from weather elements.
  • Repair the siding and soffits around the deck area.


If you are thinking about an Ottawa Deck project for this year, consider us for a quote. We’re sure you’ll be happy with our services from start to finish. We employ only licensed trades and are fully insured.
Call 613-746-1176 now to book your free estimate for the 2014 season.