Arbours and Pergolas

Structures such as arbours and pergolas can vary in size, but they are mostly built in the same style – with posts holding up crossbeams, and including plenty of latticework. Planting some vines to grow and intertwine on these lattices will provide you with a nice, shady area that can serve as a cover to a walkway, or a patio where you can sit and enjoy the outdoors.

A pergola can also be built to serve as a separation between different areas of the yard. Perhaps you would like to eat in privacy, in which case you can place a pergola between your table and the rest of your lawn or garden. In addition, a pergola can serve as a beautiful entrance feature in front of your home, or as a covered walkway between the yard and garden, just to name a couple of uses.

Not only can the pergolas be a home for ivy and other vines, but it can be a perfect place for hanging baskets of your favorite flowers as well. Sometimes lights may be added to dress up a pergola even more, and to help create a lovely effect at night.


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