Lawn Aeration

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Lawn Aeration

As water and wind wear away at your lawn, your soil becomes more and more compact. As it becomes packed tightly, water, and therefore nutrients, start to have a hard time getting through to the roots of your grass. This is when your grass will begin to lose its luster, turn brown and even die off.

Aerating your lawn will help loosen up the soil, making it easier for your grass to get everything it needs to grow and thrive.

The process of aerating is as follows:
  1. Thousands of cylinder-shaped holes will be made in the ground.
  2. The soil will become looser and less compact, due to the holes.
  3. Nutrients will be able to reach the grass roots, which will then feed the grass.
  4. Your lawn will be healthier and have a better overall appearance.

Many experts recommend aerating a lawn two times throughout the year – in the spring and in the fall.