Deck Materials

Decks can be built using a number of different materials. Wood is generally still used a majority of the time, but other materials have gained popularity over the last several years. We have experience in building a number of different types of decks. You can choose from the following:

  • Pressure-treated boards – The most common option used in deck building, this is also the most inexpensive material to use.
  • Cedar and redwood boards – If you are looking for a more durable and beautiful type of deck, which is resistant to rotting, these are the types of wood to use, although they are pricier than pressure-treated wood.
  • Tropical hardwood boards – Even more durable and rot-resistant, these woods will cost much more, but will also last longer, and your deck will be extremely attractive.
  • Aluminum – Unlike wood decks, those made from aluminum will not be affected by weather or mold. It will be very durable and last for decades.
  • Composites – Made of wood and recycled plastic, these materials are gaining in popularity over the last few years. They do not splinter or rot like traditional wood, and they are also stain-resistant.


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