When you are looking for an inexpensive, but not necessarily advisable way to pave your driveway, resurfacing may be the answer. Although this process will make your driveway look better in the short term, it may not last very long.

Instances where it may be appropriate to opt for resurfacing rather than fresh paving are when you are selling your home soon, and just want a temporary fix, or when you want to make a driveway that is in really bad shape look better, but you do not have much money to spend.

Our driveway resurfacing process

  1. We will use a power washer to remove any dirt, debris, or vegetation from the driveway.
  2. We will apply asphalt glue, which will be used to bond the new surface to the old.
  3. We will add new surface material where needed and ensure that it is even and smooth.
  4. You will be asked not to drive on it for a few days. If the weather is hot, you will need to water it for about an hour a day during the first week after resurfacing.


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